Department of Medicinal Chemistry


Thomas Medwick

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Ph.D. 1958, University of Wisconsin
Phone (732) 445-3281; FAX (732) 445-6312

Current Interests:

Glacial acetic acid as a medium for acid-base reactions, separation and chemistry of hydrazine, quantitative NMR in pharmaceutical analysis.

Recent publications (representative):

Okeke, C. C., Bailey, L.C., Medwick, T., and Grady, L.T. (1997) Temperature Fluctuations During Mail Order Shipment of Pharmaceutical Articles Using Mean Kinetic Temperature Approach, Pharmacopeial Forum, 23(3): 4155-4181.

Parrish, M., Bailey, L.C., and Medwick, T. (1994) Stability of Ceftriaxone Sodium and Aminophylline or Theophylline in Intravenous Admixtures, American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 51(1): 92-4.

Bailey, L.C. and Medwick, T. (1993) Mean Kinetic Temperature- A Concept for the Storage of Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacopeial Forum, 19(5): 6163-6166.

Main, K.B., Medwick T., Bailey, L.C. and Shinkai, J.H. (1987) Quantitative analysis of hydroxyurea and urea by proton nuclear magentic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, Pharmaceutical Research, 4: 412-415.